THE GOAL  Develop a distinct aesthetic to promote the Notre Dame Women's Boxing Club's 2016 Baraka Bouts tournament and leverage this branding in a social media campaign.
THE GOODS  Ten tournament posters and a multi-platform campaign, propelling the Club to raise $150K for the Holy Cross Missions in East Africa, a +50% increase from the year prior.
Graphic Design
Social Media
User Interviews
campaign management
Video Editing


I completed a total of ten posters for the 2016 Baraka Bouts tournament—one group poster and one for each of our nine team captains. Inspired by the geometric shapes created by the ropes of the boxing ring, I integrated gold and white overlays on each photograph to add dimension and create additional space for information. Each poster featured a unique arrangement of these overlays, customized to the image. The posters were distributed throughout the University of Notre Dame campus and on the team's various social media channels. Each poster measured 17" x 11".


In the Spring of 2017, my Social Media course gave me the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Notre Dame Day (also known as ND Day), a campus- and nation-wide fundraiser for the University of Notre Dame. My classmates and I were challenged to plan and execute a social media campaign for the club of our choice. It was an easy decision to select the Notre Dame Women's Boxing Club.
We created a social media campaign that consisted of three key elements: Facebook videos that introduced and explained our goals, Facebook and Instagram posts with words of wisdom from the Club's founder, and an Instagram campaign featuring our hashtag, #whatareyoubarakabout.
Taking the lead on content creation, I interviewed six boxers and edited the footage into four videos, each focused on a unique aspect of the club. My team utilized Hootsuite to automatically post these videos to Facebook, based on the cadence of our larger campaign. I also used video clips to create GIFs for various Facebook and Instagram posts, encouraging donors to contribute to our ND Day fundraiser.
For our "Founder's Friday" series, I interviewed Aimee Buccellato, the Club's founder. She spoke about what inspired her to start the Club and how it has affected her life beyond college. Using the transcripts from this interview, I created a series of four posts that were released on both Facebook and Instagram on the four Fridays leading up to ND Day.
The third element of our campaign was an Instagram series using the hashtag #whatareyoubarakabout. We featured six boxers and their motivations for boxing, and encouraged the rest of the team to get involved by posting their own #whatareyoubarakabout Instagrams on ND Day, which we re-shared from the Club's account.


Our brother team, the Notre Dame Men's Boxing Club, also asked me to design the posters for the 2017 Bengal Bouts. The men's captains wanted their posters to be reminiscent of classic fight night posters and invited me to their photoshoot to direct some of the shots. The posters were printed in various sizes, ranging from 11" x 17" to 24" x 36". I also created a SnapChat filter which was available for use across the University of Notre Dame's campus on the final night of fights.