THE GOAL  Design a logo for READ Podcast, a monthly series produced by the Windward Institute in New York, that reflects its mission of sharing research, education, and advocacy for child development.
THE GOODS  READ Podcast's logo features original artwork and is showcased on Windward's website and marketing collateral, as well as and on Apple's Podcast app.
Graphic Design
client work


Based on the podcast's educational subject matter, the READ Podcast's producers had a clear vision for their logo: a brain with headphones. They provided me with the Windward Institute's branding guidelines, including fonts and colors, as well as the copy that would accompany the artwork.


With this direction, I began to develop a stylized brain graphic. I experimented with different ways to depict the complexity of a brain and was drawn to the idea of using two seemingly never-ending lines to create an abstracted graphic. After adding the headphones and accompanying text, I provided the Windward Institute with the first two logo iterations below. While excited with these initial options, the producers asked for a simplified color palette and a brain that was slightly more realistic so I utilized pre-existing stock artwork to mock up the third iteration below. When the producers confirmed we were moving in the right direction, I began to work on the final artwork.


The finalized READ Podcast logo features a stylized brain graphic that balances the line work of my initial concept with a more realistic rendering. After a final tweak to the color gradient, the podcast's producers were thrilled with the finished product. The READ Podcast released its first episode in December 2019 and the logo is now featured on the Windward Institute's website and various podcast platforms.