WE DARE TO BARE fitness festivals

THE GOAL  Enhance the We Dare To Bare experience through the design of exclusive Movemeant graphics showcased on apparel items and event signage.
THE GOODS  A retail collection consisting of three new items per We Dare To Bare season, as well as all way-finding and branding signage at the events.
Graphic Design
visual research

about we dare to bare

We Dare To Bare (WDTB) is Movemeant Foundation's signature fitness festival and primary fundraising event for its impact programs. WDTB occurs bi-annually in San Francisco and New York City, drawing thousands of participants each year. Attendees are invited to "shed their shirts" and sweat together – on SoulCycle bikes, yoga mats, dance floors and more – to promote body positivity and fundraise so young girls have the opportunity to do the same. As Movemeant Foundation's graphic designer, I have designed various assets for WDTB, including retail graphics and event signage.


While every attendee receives a We Dare To Bare sports bra at registration, Movemeant Foundation also sells limited-edition merchandise at each event. In fact, my very first project as Movemeant's graphic designer was to develop a line of inspired by the slogan "fitness is female." This collection, which featured slogans such as "empowher" and "daring not darling" more than doubled the merchandise sales of previous events.
Each We Dare To Bare gives me the opportunity to create a new capsule of energetic, empowering, and uplifting merchandise. Seeing thousands of attendees donning my designs has been one of my greatest thrills as a member of the Movemeant team.


To transform New York City's Union Square and San Francisco's Marina Green into health and wellness wonderlands, I also create signage for each We Dare To Bare. This includes tent banners, feather flags, truss wraps and other way-finding signage to help attendees navigate the event.
In 2018, I revamped our stage signage, including massive 30' banners featured on each of our three stages. Additionally, I design custom barricade covers for each event, featuring the logos of our generous sponsors. The stage banners and barricade covers can be seen throughout the event, as well as by passersby.